What Colors are Good for a Retirement Party? Top 35 Ideas

by Sarah De Winne

Retirement party colors are an important starting point for retirement celebrations.  The colors you choose will establish the tone and style of the retirement party.  They also affect the choice of retirement party decorations, tableware, retirement cake and perhaps even the dress code for the big event.

Good colors for a retirement party often involve black, gold, silver and white.  Popular choices include gold/black or silver/black.  However, these colors can be limiting and restrict creativity.  More original color combinations make a retirement party more memorable and allow for personalization.


If you are looking for inspiration about what colors are good for a retirement party, our must-read list suggests 35 color schemes to help you start planning your retirement celebration.  To take the hassle out of finding the perfect color palette for your party, choose from our color combinations or get creative and mix and match ideas.  

List of Best 35 Retirement Party Colors

To help you find the best colors for your retirement party, our list is organized into color combinations involving a palette of two or three colors.  Two color choices have a timeless appeal.  Add a third color to make your retirement celebration extra special.

Two Tone Color Combinations for a Retirement Party

1. Gold & Black

Gold and black is a classic color scheme that is sophisticated and never dates.  These colors are good for a retirement party as it is easy to find decorations and tableware to match.  The colors gold and black would also make a stunning evening dress code for the retirement party.

2. Silver & Black

Silver and black is another perfect choice of retirement party colors.  You cannot go wrong with the contrast of this elegant combination.   Choosing a precious metal as a retirement party color will make your retiree feel extra special.


3. Red & Black

Red and black looks smart and professional.  Red is also the color of love, so it is a good choice of color for a retirement party.  Spread some love and show you care about your retiree’s contribution to the workplace.

4. Blush Pink & Black

Blush pink and black is a stylish choice of retirement party colors.  This color combination is professional but the pink adds a touch of fun.  Hot pink and black would look equally fabulous.


5. Black & White

Black and white is an easy choice of color theme for a retirement party.  This color combination never ages and always looks great.  Party and tableware accessories are also readily available.

6. Gold & White

Gold and white is another great choice of colors for a retirement celebration.  This modern color combination is warm and sophisticated and looks fabulous all year round!


7. Silver & White

Silver is a graceful color that symbolizes wealth and success.  Celebrate the riches of your retiree’s working life with this elegant duo.

8. Red & White

The warmth of the color red paired with white makes a striking color combination that will look fabulous.  It is also a versatile choice as it works for retirement parties in the summer months or in the snowy season.


9. Yellow & White

Yellow and white is a bright and cheerful choice of colors for a retirement party.  What better way to bring a touch of sunshine to a retirement celebration and to wish the retiree a happy future?

10. Sage Green & White

The softness of sage green and white is an understated and tasteful choice of retirement colors.  Incorporating green into a color scheme is perfect for retirees who love gardening or enjoy the great outdoors.


11. Purple & White

Purple is a regal color and looks amazing when paired with white.  Purple also symbolizes devotion so it is the perfect color choice for a loyal employee who is retiring from a lengthy service.

12. Dark Green & Gold

Dark green with a hint of gold is a sumptuous choice of colors for a retirement party.  Keep it natural by accessorizing with flowers and foliage from nature.  This color theme is perfect for autumn and winter retirement celebrations.

13. Blush Pink & Gold

Blush pink adds a subtle softness to the luxuriousness of gold.  This pretty combination of colors will add a relaxed and gentle feel to any retirement celebration with a dash of luxury.


14. Navy Blue & Gold

Navy blue looks smart for any occasion.  Combine it with gold and you have the perfect choice of retirement party colors.  This color scheme looks professional and is perfect for male and female retirees.

15. Blush Pink & Rose Gold

Blush pink and rose gold are the perfect pair.  This color scheme is full of warmth.  It will make the retiree feel loved and appreciated at the retirement party.

16. Navy Blue & Silver

Navy blue and silver are stylish companions.  The silver adds a touch of sparkle to the navy blue.  Just perfect for a retirement party whatever the time of year.

17. Purple & Silver

Purple and silver are a stunning choice of retirement party colors.  The combination of rich purple and a precious metal will make your retiree feel like royalty for their special day.


18. Blush Pink & Sage Green

These colors are great choices for a retirement party in the spring or summer.  Blush pink and sage green is a pretty palette of colors.  Think floral prints and vintage tea parties outside.

19. Hot Pink & Lime Green

Alternatively, hot pink and lime green is a fresh and vibrant color scheme.  These lively colors will bring joy to your retirement celebration and look fabulous together!  This is a great choice for a summer retirement party.

20. Burgundy Red & Dark Green

The mixture of dark burgundy red and dark green is perfect for retirement parties held in the autumn or winter.  This color palette conjures up images of dark red berries and fine red wine.  A stylish choice of colors with timeless appeal.

21. Orange and Teal

Bright orange and teal blue are a fun and contemporary choice of colors for a retirement party.  This vibrant duo will bring some sunshine to your special occasion and a touch of originality.


22. Light Yellow and Blue

Light yellow and blue are another great choice of colors for a retirement party.  Choose whether to pair the light yellow with a pale blue or a darker blue.  This fresh combination of colors is great for spring and summer retirement celebrations.

Three Tone Color Combinations for a Retirement Party

23. Black, Gold & Silver

Mixing two precious metals with black is sure to be a winner for any retirement party.  Gold and silver will add a touch of luxury and sparkle to any retirement party and will look stunning against a black contrast.

24. Black, Gold & White

Black, gold and white is another striking combination of colors.  Retirement is a time to celebrate.  Adding a splash of gold to the classic color scheme of black and white will make all the difference to a retirement party.


25. Red, White & Black

Red, white and black is a dramatic color scheme that always looks smart.  This is a great choice of color scheme for a professional and confident retiree.

26. Red, White & Blue

Red, white and blue is another classic combination of colors.  Depending on where you live, these colors are also a patriotic choice.  This trio of colors look stylish and are perfect for a retirement party.

27. Red, White & Sky Blue

Add a twist to the classic combination of red, white and blue, by substituting a sky blue.  Sky blue lightens this color scheme by bringing a fresh and playful note.  This trio of colors is perfect for summer retirement parties.

28. Orange, Green & Cream

Orange, green and cream is another great choice of colors for a retirement party.  A soft or bright orange would work well.  Take inspiration from nature for this autumnal look.


29. Pale Yellow, Light Blue & Grey

The pastel tones of pale yellow, light blue and grey have a muted, soft feel.  They are an understated and pretty choice of colors for a retirement party, particularly in the spring and summer.

30. Blush Pink, Sage Green & White

Blush pink, sage green and white is another pretty combination of colors for a retirement party.  These summery colors would look great for a retirement celebration in the garden accompanied with natural decorations of flowers and foliage.


31. Rose Pink, Lavender & Green

Add a twist to rose pink by mixing it with lavender and green for an informal retirement party.  These soft colors look great together and convey a feeling of wellbeing and summer.

32. Shades of Green with Gold & White

An easy choice of colors for a retirement party is shades of green with gold and white.  Mix dark, light and soft greens with white and add a touch of gold to add something special to the occasion.

33. Shades of Light Blues with Cream

Another palette of colors that works well are different shades of light blues with cream.  These colors have a vintage feel and are perfect for less formal spring and summer retirement parties.


34. Navy Blue, Gold & White

If you are looking for a stylish and striking color theme for a retirement party, this is the one for you.  Navy blue, gold and white is a classic trio that will look good all year round.  This color combination is perfect for more formal retirement parties.

35. Purple, Silver & White

Purple, silver and white is another good choice of colors for a retirement party.  White acts as the perfect backdrop and allows the vibrancy of purple and silver to shine through for this special occasion.

If you need further inspiration about what colors are good for a retirement party, check out our other article that explains what the retirement colors are.  This post includes more information about the symbolism of color.

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