What are the Retirement Colors? List of 25 Inspiring Ideas

by Sarah De Winne

Finding the right retirement colors is important for retirement party decorations, retirement party invitations, the retirement cake and retirement gift choices.  Choosing the right retirement colors will make your retirement celebration memorable and special.

There are two types of retirement colors: Classic Retirement Colors and On-Trend Retirement Colors. Classic retirement colors generally feature two colors.  Timeless choices include black/gold and black/silver.  On-trend retirement colors include a combination of three or four colors such as light sage and dark hunter green with accents of white and gold. 


When choosing retirement colors, anything goes and the sky really is the limit.  There is no right or wrong.  Use your imagination and get creative.  If you need some inspiration to get you started, our top tips for choosing retirement colors and our list of categorized retirement color suggestions will help you make the right decision.  Throughout this post, we also discuss the symbolism of certain colors so that your choice of retirement colors will perfectly match this special occasion.

How Do You Choose Retirement Colors?

First, how do you go about choosing retirement colors?  To make it simple, we have come up with five easy ways to choose perfect retirement colors that your retiree will love. 

Match Any Existing Retirement Party Theme

If you have already chosen a retirement party theme, it makes complete sense to link your retirement colors to this.  For example, if you have chosen a nautical theme, the best retirement colors would be dark blue and white.  By matching retirement colors to your theme, you will ensure consistency and add a stylish touch to your retirement celebration.


Research Your Retiree’s Hobbies and Plans

Another way to decide retirement colors is to use your personal knowledge about the retiree.  What are their interests?  What hobbies do they enjoy?  Do they have any retirement travel plans?  The answers to these questions should give you plenty of inspiration about possible retirement colors.

For example, if your retiree loves nature, gardening or being outdoors, a great choice of retirement colors would be shades of green mixed with white and hints of gold.  Alternatively, if your retiree is particularly patriotic or intends to travel somewhere in retirement, take inspiration from the colors associated with a particular state, country or national flag.


Use Company Logos

If you are hosting a corporate retirement party, another simple but effective way to choose retirement colors is to use the colors incorporated in your company logo.  After all, retirement is celebrating the end of working life, so selecting colors associated with your business may be a great way forward.

Let Nature’s Seasons Inspire You

The final way to choose retirement colors is to let nature do the work for you.  Take inspiration from the season the retirement falls in. 

Daffodil yellow or white and gold are perfect for spring and new beginnings.  Shades of dusty blues and cream or blush pink and green are perfect for summer retirement parties in the garden.  In the autumn, earthy tones of rusty orange with light green and cream would work well.

summer season colors
summer season colors

Keep it Classic

Sometimes, less is more.  There is always a place for timeless, classic retirement colors.  These are usually a simple but striking palette of two colors such as black/gold, black/silver or purple/silver. The benefit of choosing classic retirement color combinations is that you can easily source decorations and tableware all year round.

List of Classic Retirement Colors

Classic retirement colors never go out of fashion and are popular choices.  These colors will always look smart and will add an elegant tone to any retirement celebration.  Here is our list of classic retirement colors:

1. Black and Silver

A timeless, elegant choice.  The color silver symbolizes wealth and success.  It also signifies industry and technology so is perfect for anyone retiring from these types of businesses.


2. Black and Gold

A confident option that oozes luxury and quality.  The color gold is also associated with wealth, riches and extravagance.  What better color for a retirement celebration?  It is time for the retiree to sit back and enjoy what they have worked so hard for.

3. Black, Gold and Silver

A luxurious combination of two precious metals.  Less is definitely not more when it comes to retirement colors.  Retirement is a time to celebrate!

4. Black, Gold and White

An opulent color scheme.  The white adds a modern twist and is a great contrast to the black and gold.


5. Black and White

A monochromatic timeless classic that is always elegant and in-style.  It is a no-fail option that always looks great.

6. Gold and White

White brings a touch of softness to gold by softly muting its boldness.  This perfect pairing emanates elegance and sophistication.  A perfect choice for those in search of stylish retirement colors.

7. Silver and White

White is a great contrast to silver.  If you are looking for retirement colors that are not too overpowering, this color combination is the one for you.

To add a touch of originality to any of the classic retirement color combinations above, simply add one of the on-trend colors listed below to personalize your choice.

List of On-Trend Retirement Colors

If you are feeling bold, a combination of three or four colors can work really well for retirement colors.  On-trend retirement colors tend to be more unusual than classic retirement colors so will stand out and be memorable.   However, we are sure that some of these on-trend retirement colors will become classics and firm favorites in the future!

Our list of retirement colors continues below with suggestions of on-trend retirement colors.  This list follows the spectrum of colors of the rainbow.  It starts with variations of red (including pink), followed by shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and, finally, violet (or purple).

8. Red, White and Black

Red, white and black makes a powerful combination of retirement colors.  This palette of colors looks smart and professional.  In addition to being symbolic of love, the color red also refers to life, health and adventure.  Perfect retirement themes! 


9. Maroon and Dark Green

A combination of maroons and dark greens are perfect retirement colors for the autumn or winter season.  They are deep, rich colors that conjure images of warmth, maturity and fine wines.  Perfect for a retiring wine connoisseur!

10. Blush Pink and Black

Blush pink or dusty pink and black is a simple but contemporary color palette that would work well as retirement colors all year round.  This combination of colors looks smart and professional and is sure to become a classic.

11. Blush Pink and Rose Gold

In contrast, blush pink and rose gold is a more dreamy and romantic combination of retirement colors.  This warm pairing of blush pink and rose gold will add extra warmth and conviviality to any retirement celebration.  A touch of rose gold will convey how special the retiree is.

12. Blush Pink and Gold

Blush pink is a timeless classic and is a pretty choice of retirement color.  However, mix blush pink with gold and this duo becomes a perfect pair.  The gold adds a touch of luxury that is perfect for a retirement party all year round.


13. Blush Pink and Shades of Green

Blush pink and soft shades of green make a subtle choice of retirement colors.  This delicate combination is a summer reminder of beautiful pale pink roses and the palest strawberry and pistachio ice cream.  This color scheme is a perfect choice of retirement colors as it is a sign of good things to come now that the retiree can relax and take life more slowly.

14. Blush Pink, Sage Green and White

This trio of colors would make perfect retirement colors for spring and summer.  These soft colors are a beautiful and sophisticated combination that have a vintage vibe.  Just imagine a summer garden party to celebrate retirement.

15. Rose Pink, Peach/Coral, Light Lavender and Dark Green

For retirement colors that are a little different, why not try rose pink with peach or coral with accents of light lavender and dark green?  This combination of colors is subtle and perfect for summer retirement celebrations.  Beautiful floral displays would make beautiful natural decorations in these retirement colors.


16. Burnt Orange with Light Green and Cream

This choice of retirement colors features classic autumnal shades.  The warm orange color is a perfect complement to cooler sage greens.  This choice of retirement colors is easily themed with natural decorations.  Think pumpkins, autumnal leaves and green foliage.

17. Orange and Teal

Orange and teal are complementary colors that make a striking pair.  They can add a vintage touch to any retirement celebration but are also a very modern choice of retirement colors.  The warmth of this color palette would make these perfect for retirement celebrations in the autumn and winter months.


18. Daffodil Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color in the rainbow so it is the perfect choice of retirement color.  Bright yellow will bring joy to your retirement celebration and enhance the positive atmosphere of good wishes.

19. Pastel Yellow, Light Blue and Grey

A palette of pastel colors offers an understated and gentle choice of retirement colors.  This combination of pastel yellow, light blue and grey is sure to be a winner for spring and summer retirement celebrations.

20. Light Sage Green, Dark Hunter Green with White and Gold

If your retiree is a keen gardener or loves nature or life outdoors, this choice of retirement colors is perfect.  Lots of natural greenery would look fantastic against the white.  This is an unpretentious choice of retirement colors, but the accents of gold adds a touch of luxury that is fitting for such a special occasion.


21. Dark Green and Gold

Dark green and gold is a lavish choice of retirement colors that is perfect for autumn and winter retirement parties.  However, green is also symbolic.  It is the color of nature but it also symbolizes growth and rebirth.  This choice of retirement color is symbolically perfect!

22. Shades of Light Dusty and Porcelain Blues and Cream

Different shades of light dusty and porcelain blues and cream are perfect retirement colors.  They offer a palette of unassuming cool colors that are ideal for a summer retirement party in the garden.

23. Navy Blue and Gold

Navy blue and gold are a powerful combination of retirement colors that look professional and exude power and luxury.  This stylish choice of retirement colors would look good all year round.  Lavish your retiree by choosing these retirement colors for their big day!


If you are looking for a blue which is a little different, check out Pantone’s color of the year called ‘Veri Peri’. It is a stunning blue with a touch of violet and red.

24. Navy Blue, Gold and White

White adds an extra dimension to the classic combination of navy blue and gold.  It adds a striking contrast and lifts this color scheme making it the perfect choice of retirement colors, especially for spring and summer.

25. Purple, Silver and White

Purple is a rich color that represents royalty, wealth and wisdom.  Treat your retiree like royalty for the day with this impressive color palette.

If you are interested in finding other examples of on-trend retirement party colors, look out for colors used in current advertising campaigns, clothing lines and even book covers.  Take inspiration from things around you.  There is no right and wrong about retirement colors.  Just ask yourself, “What retirement colors do I think will look good?”

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