50 Best Jobs in Retirement – The Ultimate A-Z Guide

by Sarah De Winne

Most of us believe that retirement is a time to sit back and relax after years of working.  However, all that is changing.  With rising costs of living, shrinking pensions and uncertain financial markets, many retirees are looking to return into the world of work and are searching for the best jobs in retirement.

If you are looking for a paying job after retirement, you are certainly not alone.  In fact, there is a new trend of unretirement that is resulting in a growing interest in finding the best jobs in retirement.  According to a recent UK survey by the Office for National Statistics, 8.5% (116,000) more men and 6.8% more women (37,000) aged 65+ are now working or looking for work compared to pre-pandemic times.


In addition to returning to work for financial reasons, many seniors decide to look for jobs in retirement to give them a sense of purpose, a new challenge, or fulfilment in retirement.  Whatever your reason for searching for jobs for the retired, our ultimate guide contains an extensive list of the best jobs in retirement and second career ideas that are perfect for retirees. 

50 Best Jobs in Retirement – Find THE Best Job for You

As a retiree, you have a wide range of experience, skills and expertise that are valuable for potential employers and that are often transferable to other industries.  Use our list of the best jobs in retirement to help you find retirement job ideas for part-time, full-time, freelance, temporary, or seasonal retired work.

1. After-School Club Teacher

Being an after-school club teacher is the perfect choice of jobs for retired teachers, or if you enjoy looking after your grandchildren.  Why not earn some money from doing what you love?  The big positive is that retirees often have the flexibility to be available for work during after school hours when other workers are not so keen.

Working with children is extremely rewarding and requires patience and creativity.  The role of after-school club teacher will require you to provide a safe environment for children and to deliver a range of stimulating and engaging activities.

Average income: $17 per hour*.


2. Airbnb Host

If you enjoy socialising with people and have comfortable spare rooms in your home or a cabin in your garden, why not consider becoming an Airbnb host?  This is one of the best jobs in retirement because it turns your home into an asset.

Of course, you need to be happy to provide clean accommodation with facilities. However, imagine how renting out your home could enable you to afford to take time out of retirement and travel around the world!

Average income: $-$$$$ depending on the size and type of accommodation offered and rental frequency.

3. Animal Technician

Working with animals is another of the most rewarding jobs for seniors.  Of course, the animals in your care will benefit from your choice of job as you carry out your various duties including grooming, feeding, exercising, and keeping their environments clean.

However, the animals in your care can also enhance your life enormously.  Animals are loyal companions that can help overcome feelings of loneliness and depression.  In addition, animals can help reduce stress, increase levels of fitness, and provide opportunities to socialise with others. If you love animals, this is one of the best jobs in retirement for you.

Average income: $16 per hour.

4. Barista

If you are a sociable and warm person who loves coffee, the job of barista may be an interesting post retirement job for you.  A barista welcomes customers and prepares hot and cold beverages.  They also handle money and are responsible for keeping work areas and equipment clean and hygienic.

You can even take Barista courses to learn how to make every type of coffee and to master latte art techniques.  You are never too old to learn something new!

Average income: $14 per hour plus tips.


5. Blogger

Blogging is one of the most flexible forms of jobs for retirees so becoming a blogger is one of the best jobs in retirement.  You can blog from your home, from a coffee shop or from anywhere around the world.

If you enjoy writing, why not set up your own website and start blogging about what inspires or impassions you?  In the long-term, you can earn money from advertising and affiliate programmes.

Average income: $-$$$$ depending on the niche of your website, hard-work, and a little bit of luck.

6. Bookkeeper

If you enjoy working with numbers and have a background in accounting, then bookkeeping could be one of the easiest and best jobs in retirement for you.

As a Bookkeeper, you would be responsible for keeping the financial records of a business in order by processing financial documents, carrying out accounting work and performing administrative tasks.

Average income: $20 per hour.

7. Business Consultant

If you had a career in a specific sector before retiring, you may want to consider becoming a business consultant as a post retirement job.  After all, you have a lot of valuable experience and expertise that will benefit other organizations.

A business consultant provides advice and expertise to clients to solve business challenges that will ultimately improve business performance.  This is one of the best jobs in retirement if you enjoy creative thinking, problem solving and have good communication skills.

Average income: $40 per hour – $$$$ depending on your level of experience and industry sector.

8. Casino Dealer or Croupier

If you are someone who likes the buzz of a casino and can cope with working in a noisy environment, a casino dealer could be one of the best jobs in retirement for you.  A casino dealer is responsible for the smooth running of the game.  They deal cards and explain the game rules to players whilst looking out for any cheating.

This is a good choice of employment for retirees who enjoy a challenge.  Learning the rules of the games is also great for the memory.  In addition, it is a highly sociable job as you will meet different people as you welcome them to the table.

Average income: $17 per hour plus tips.


9. Counselor

Supporting others with their mental health is an extremely important and rewarding role.  If you were working as a professionally qualified counsellor pre-retirement, a good job in retirement for you may be to set up your own small practice and to work the hours you wish. 

Alternatively, if you are empathetic and a good listener, you could also consider applying for a counselor role in a school.

Average income: $20 per hour – $$$ depending on the role and organization.

10. Customer Service Representative

Many different types of industries employ customer service representatives.  In general, customer service representatives respond to questions and process requests from customers.  This service is provided via telephone, email, live chat or increasingly through social media channels

If you enjoy talking to people and can remain unflustered in tricky situations, this is another suitable job for retired people.

Average income: $16 per hour.

11. Disney World Jobs for Retirees

Imagine working in one of the happiest places on the planet!  If you live near one of the Disney World parks, it is worth investigating the diverse range of job opportunities they advertise online.

A Disney career may turn out to be one of the best jobs in retirement for you. There are plenty of suitable jobs for retirees including roles in guest services and as transportation bus drivers.

Average income (transportation bus driver): $18 per hour plus temporary hiring bonus.


12. Dog Walker

One of the problems facing people in full-time work with dogs is that they need someone to exercise their pet during the day.  If you own a dog or love dogs but can’t have one in your home, why not consider starting a dog walking business?  This could be one of the best jobs in retirement.

Dog walking is a great choice of jobs for retirees who enjoy being outdoors.  In addition, it is a great way of improving your health through regular exercise.  Dog walking is also a sociable activity as other dog walkers tend to be friendly.

Start building up a small business by offering to walk friends’ and neighbours’ dogs to build up your reputation and then advertise locally.

Average income:  $34 per hour.

13. Driver

Driving is another everyday skill that you can easily turn into a job in retirement that pays.  There is growing demand for courier and delivery drivers as the trend for online shopping continues to rise. 

If you want a job that makes a difference, hospitals require drivers for a range of roles including patient transport and the delivery of supplies from one location to another.  Alternatively, minibus drivers are also often required for schools.  

 Average income:  $17 per hour.

14. Education Officer in a Museum or Art Gallery

Some of the best jobs in retirement are found in museums and art galleries.  If you are a retired teacher or are knowledgeable about a certain period of history or art, why not share your enthusiasm as an education officer?

In this role, you will be responsible for designing education programmes and resources for children and adults visiting the site.  Using your knowledge, you will inspire others and bring subjects to life.

Average income: $15 per hour.


15. ESL or TEFL Teacher

Many people want to learn English to help them live and work in an English-speaking country or to develop their command of English.  To do this, they look for the services of an ESL or TEFL Teacher who specialises in teaching English as a second language. 

If English is your native language and you have a good grasp of English grammar, you can turn these everyday skills into a great job in retirement.  To become an ESL or TEFL Teacher you do not need to have a degree, but you do need to complete a relevant course.

To provide me with an income during my early retirement, I completed this 120-hour online TEFL course.  This qualification will enable me to either teach English as a foreign language face-to-face with students or to set up an online business in the comfort of my own home.

Average income: $-$$ depending on whether you work for an organization or set up your own business.

16. Event Coordinator

If you enjoy organising celebrations and special events, one of the best jobs in retirement for you could be working as an event coordinator.

An event coordinator works in the hospitality and event industry and has an eye for detail and can keep calm under pressure.  They choose venues, manage budgets, hire appropriate vendors and personnel, and ensure the smooth-running of the event on the day.

Average income:  $20 per hour.

17. Event Marshall or Steward

One the best temporary or seasonal jobs for retirees is being an event marshal.  Event marshals are hired to keep an event safe and successful.  Your role may include directing cars and visitors, checking tickets, and assisting the public with evacuation in the case of an emergency.

An event marshal is one of the best jobs in retirement for retirees who are happy to be on their feet for long periods of time and who have a sense of responsibility and are confident about dealing with the public.

Average income:  $15 per hour.

18. Examiner

Marking exam papers is one of the most flexible jobs for retirement that can boost your income.  It is also one of the best jobs for retirement as you can self-schedule when to mark the papers during you day. In addition, being an examiner enables you to share your expertise in a subject area and to build a network with other education professionals. 

To become an examiner, you usually need a degree and teaching qualification, plus teaching experience.  For vocational exams, occupational experience is preferred.  Full training is also given.  Examiners are recruited by individual exam boards, so check out their websites for job opportunities.

Average income: $26 per hour.


19. Film and TV Extras and Background Actors

Being an extra or background actor is a great part-time job for retirees if you have a flexible schedule and you are not looking for a regular income.  Some casting calls are specifically aimed at the 65+ age group.

To be an extra, you do not need to have any acting ability or experience and you won’t need to say anything.  All you need to do is be punctual, listen carefully and follow directions.

Being an extra is one of the best jobs in retirement to meet new people.  However, be prepared to wait around for long periods of time, so make sure you bring something to occupy yourself.  To find work, search for casting websites on the internet such as Central Casting.

Average income: $75 per hour.

20. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

If you are fanatical about fitness and enjoy staying healthy in your retirement, why not turn your hobby into a money-earning job in retirement?  There are plenty of people who lack motivation to exercise so you can share your enthusiasm with others. 

In fact, it can be intimidating to join a gym when you are older, so having a fitness instructor who is of a retired age may be a big selling point for you!

Average income: $23 per hour.

21. Gardener

Finding a retirement job as a gardener is great for green-fingered retirees.  This is the one of the best jobs in retirement for those retirees who enjoy working outdoors all year round.  Gardening is also a strenuous job that will keep you fit and healthy.

Average income:  $17 per hour.


22. Hair Stylist

If you are a trained hair stylist, why not re-kindle your career and set up your own business?  You can work flexible hours to fit around the other things you enjoy doing in your retirement.

Being a hair stylist is also a great way of meeting new people. It helps combat loneliness as clients love to talk about their lives and major events happening in the news.

Average income:  $20 per hour.

23. Handyman

Becoming a handyman is another way of earning an income from existing skills.  This is one of the best jobs in retirement if you enjoy doing odd jobs around your home and have an ability to fix things.

You can easily advertise your services in the local newspaper or local groups on social media sites to find work.  Not everyone is a DIY enthusiast, so you will quickly gain a grateful customer base.

Average income:  $21 per hour.

24. Hotel Receptionist

Greeting people as a hotel receptionist is a lovely job for retirees who are friendly and enjoy some administrative tasks.   Working in a hotel is a great way of meeting new people and combatting loneliness. 

If you are willing to work some shifts and to brush up your IT skills, this could be the perfect retirement job for you

Average income: $15 per hour.


25. House Sitter

Being a house sitter is one of my favourite ideas for jobs for retirees.  It is one of the best jobs in retirement if you enjoy travelling.

Basically, you can visit different parts of your country or any other country around the world and stay in other people’s homes free of charge.  In exchange, you will be expected to make sure the house is secure and to look after any pets.

To get started with house sitting, we recommend that you explore Trusted House Sitters.  You can search for house sitting job in another state or in a different country around the world.  Let us know about your experiences of house sitting in the comment section below.

Average income: Unpaid role but you save money on travel plans.

26. Janitor

Janitors are responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of buildings including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, or retail outlets.  They keep these buildings sanitary and in working order by undertaking various duties like cleaning, sweeping, mowing, maintaining equipment, changing lightbulbs, and securing the premises.

If you are handy, hard-working and enjoy physical tasks, finding a retirement job as a Janitor may be ideal for you.  Hours are often flexible depending on when you are required on site.

Average income: $14 per hour.

27. Librarian

Becoming a librarian is one of the best jobs in retirement for retirees who love reading and books, especially if you have a degree. It is also a great retirement job if you are organised and enjoy working in a peaceful environment.

There are so many libraries to choose from.  You can work as a librarian in a public or private library.  Schools and universities have libraries, as do research facilities, religious institutions, and government departments.  You can become a public librarian, school librarian, academic librarian, or specialty librarian. Take your pick!

Average income: $31 per hour.


28. Life Coach

As a retiree, you have gained a lot of valuable life experience from your working career and personal life.  If you feel that others would benefit from your insight, why not become a life coach?  You will also need to be a good communicator and an empathetic listener.

Average income: $17 per hour.

29. Nail Technician

There is a constant demand for nail services so becoming a nail technician is another of the best jobs in retirement.  Once you have completed your training course, you can find employment in a nail bar or start your own small mobile business or work from home.  This is a great job for retirees who enjoy meeting different people and are creative.

Average income: $44 per hour.


30. Nanny/Babysitter

If you enjoy looking after your grandchildren, one of the best jobs in retirement is to work as a nanny or babysitter.  You can either join an agency or advertise in local newspapers and online groups on social media platforms.

As a retiree, one of the big positives of working as a nanny or babysitter is that you have extensive experience from raising your own children and interacting with grandchildren.  Being older, retirees often also have more patience with children and can teach them different things from their parents as they are of a different generation.

Average income: $21 per hour.

31. Office Administrator

There are many different roles in office administration that are suitable for retirees, especially if you are IT literate or are willing to learn.

Working in an office is the perfect way to meet other people and to earn money.  The other benefit of looking for work as an office administrator is that there are frequent opportunities for full-time, part-time, and seasonal working.

Average income: $18 per hour.

32. Personal Shopper

If you have a good eye and a sense of style, why not consider becoming a personal shopper?  Personal shoppers have a flexible schedule and buy items for other people.  This could be anything from groceries to clothes and gifts.

This is one of the best jobs in retirement if you love browsing in shops and online.  What could be better than earning money by spending someone else’s?

Average income: $14 per hour.

33. Pet Groomer

Being retired presents the perfect opportunity to consider different second career ideas for retirees.  Perhaps you always wanted to work with animals but settled for a different career.  Retirement may be the perfect time for you to re-train and explore a new career.

Working with pets is very rewarding and can help alleviate stress and boredom.  If you are patient and enjoy taking care of animals, why not become a pet groomer?  You can find work in an existing pet grooming salon or start your own small mobile business or work from the comfort of your own home.

Average income: $20 per hour.


34. Pet Sitter

Many people who are working full-time need a pet sitter to let their animal out during the day and to exercise it.  In addition, some people prefer not to put their pets in boarding facilities when they go on holiday, so seek the services of pet sitters.

Many retirees benefit from a flexible schedule and are in a position to carry out pet-sitting duties during the day.  If you enjoy being with animals, finding retirement employment as a pet sitter may suit your needs.

Average income: $14 per hour.

35. Photographer

My father has always enjoyed taking photographs.  In his retirement, he has found more time to enjoy photography and has improved his digital editing skills.  However, his retirement hobby also now earns him money.

Like many retirees looking for low stress jobs in retirement, my father has turned his hobby into a small income.  He uploads his photographs to online sites like Alamy and is paid when clients purchase his pictures.

Average income: $$-$$$ per month depending on how many pictures are sold.


36. Private Tutor

If you are a retired teacher looking to earn an income, one of the easiest and best jobs in retirement is to become a private tutor.  After teaching a class for many years, it is a rewarding change to tutor individuals on a one-to-one basis as you can make a real difference and progress students quickly.

To start your own small business as a private tutor, you can advertise in schools, in local newspapers and in local groups on online social media platforms.  Parents are often looking for reliable and patient private tutors to develop their children’s education.  As a retiree, it is easier to have a flexible schedule and tutor after school and in the school holidays.

Average income: $25 per hour.

37. Proof-reader

Another great job for a retired teacher is becoming a proof-reader.  As a Primary School Teacher, I have spent hours correcting exercise books and marking papers.  This is skill that can also be turned into an income stream as an after retirement job.

If you have an eye for detail, can spell accurately and have a good command of English grammar, why not consider a proof-reader job in retirement?  It is one of the best jobs in retirement for retirees who enjoy their own company and want to work from home.  There are many online job marketplaces for proof-readers like Fiverr to get you started.

Average income: $23 per hour.

38. Receptionist

There are plenty of opportunities for retirees to work as a receptionist across a range of industries.  Receptionists pay a key role in greeting visitors to organisations and making them feel welcome.  They also undertake some administrative duties.

If you have a friendly personality and enjoy talking to people, working as a receptionist may be one of the best jobs in retirement job for you.

Average income: $15 per hour.

39. Retail Sales Associate

Of all the best jobs in retirement on our list, becoming a retail sales associate is probably one of the easiest jobs for retirees to find.  There are so many different retail outlets, and they often have a regular turnover of staff.

This is another job that involves contact with customers.  So, if you have good communication skills and are happy to be on your feet for most of the day, this retirement job idea may be worth your consideration.

Average income: $15 per hour.

40. Security Officer

If you have a background in policing and are fit and healthy, you could consider finding a retirement job as a security officer. 

Security officers work across a range of organisations.  They are responsible for maintaining the safety of an area and duties include patrolling, monitoring CCTV, responding to alarms and emergencies and escorting visitors on and off site.

Average income: $18 per hour.


41. Server

Finding employment as a server is another of the easiest and best jobs in retirement.  It is an ideal job for retirees who want to meet new people as this role has a strong emphasis on interaction with the public.  Server jobs can be found in restaurants, hotels, large organizations, and event venues.

Despite the long hours on your feet that may not be for every retiree, the benefits of being a server are the tips and the fact that you can find flexible forms of employment in the hospitality industry.

Average income: $16 per hour plus tips.

42. Substitute Teacher or Supply Teacher

If you are a retired teacher, one of the easiest and best jobs in retirement is to return to the classroom as a substitute teacher.  You can sign on with an agency or make a private relationship with schools you have worked at previously.

Working as a substitute teacher is extremely flexible and you can enjoy teaching without the burden of lesson preparation, planning or assessment.  You will normally be required to deliver pre-planned lessons and to undertake light marking.

Average income: $17 per hour.


43. Teacher Aide or Teaching Assistant

Another great choice of retirement job for a retired teacher is to re-join the classroom as a teacher aide or teaching assistant.  Although this role is not as well paid as a substitute teacher, it is an important role within a school.

You may be responsible for working with small groups of children with special educational needs or in supporting the class under the direction of the teacher.

To be a teacher aide or teaching assistant, you do not need a teaching qualification.  This role would suit anyone who enjoys working with children and is patient and empathetic to their needs.

Average income: $14 per hour.

44. Tour Guide

Tour guides work for a range of organizations including museums, art galleries, tourism offices and private tour companies.  Working as a tour guide is a great job for retirees who can retain information and convey it to people in an engaging manner.

Being a tour guide involves being on your feet for long periods of time, but it is a very rewarding role as you can inspire and educate others with your knowledge.

Average income: $26 per hour.

45. Translator

If you have a hidden talent for languages, why not turn your skill into an income?  Many individuals and organizations need documents translated from one language to another.  This is a very flexible job for retirees.  You can do ad-hoc translating or build your own small business.

Average income: $21 per hour.


46. YouTube Creator

YouTube is an increasingly popular way for people to generate an income stream.  If you have an idea for a YouTube channel, you can record yourself and post your videos free of charge.  Many retirees have been successful in earning revenue as a YouTube creator.

Running a YouTube channel requires persistence.  You need to be willing to post videos regularly and to learn some basic editing skills.  With hard work and a little luck, you may succeed in earning income from YouTube advertising and selling affiliate products.

Average income: $-$$$$ depending on the niche of your YouTube channel, hard-work, and a little bit of luck.

47. Youth Mentor

If you have had a career working with children, you may want to consider finding work as a youth mentor in your retirement. 

The role of youth mentor is to motivate, guide and support young people by developing skills, abilities, and qualities.  Working as a youth mentor is a challenging but rewarding role.

Average income: $15 per hour.

48. Web Developer

Working as Web Developer involves designing, creating, and maintaining websites and web applications for individuals or organizations.  It is a job that can be done in a freelance capacity so is fairly flexible.

If you are an IT professional and have some coding experience in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, working as a Web Developer may be one of the best jobs in retirement job for you. 

Average income: $32 per hour.

49. Yoga Instructor

If you have practised yoga throughout your life or have a new-found passion for yoga as a retirement hobby, why not train to be a yoga instructor and start your own small business?

Teaching others is one of the most rewarding jobs for retirees as you watch your students progress.  It is also a great way of meeting new people and making new contacts in retirement.

Average income: $33 per hour.


50. Youth Soccer Coach

Similarly, if you have been a keen Soccer player throughout your life, why not share your skills and expertise with the younger generation as a Youth Soccer Coach?  You can find work with after-school clubs or working for other organizations.

Average income: $20 per hour.

*Please note that average income figures were taken from Indeed.com and Payscale.com in September 2022.

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