What is the Best Gift on Retirement for Men?

by Olivier De Winne

If you are looking for the best gift on retirement for men, you are in the right place.  Our website is here to help retirees enjoy retirement life and we have thought about the gifts they would most appreciate. 

Please note that Enjoy Retirement Life is a free website.  If you make a purchase using the affiliate links in this article, we make a small commission, but this is at no extra cost to you.  This allows us to continue creating great content for our readers.

In our opinion, the best gift on retirement for men is the Ooni Fyra portable pizza oven.  Most men love to BBQ outside so now your retiree can also cook authentic pizza outdoors in this amazing pizza oven!

What is the Best Gift on Retirement for Men?


Retirement should be a great time of life.  It’s a time we should fill our lives with new experiences so that we can really enjoy retirement life.  Of course, before all of this, retirement starts with a celebratory retirement party celebration and, for that, you need to choose the best gift possible for the new retiree.

A retirement gift for men needs to be something that the retiree will enjoy.  A retirement gift linked to the retiree’s personal hobbies is a great place to start.  However, if you don’t know about their hobbies, you could opt for a subscription box. 

Custom Bobbleheads

To help you to choose the best gift on retirement for men, we have created different categories of retirement gifts by budget.  Click on the links below to jump to your budget bracket:

Best Gift on Retirement for Men Under $50

1. Original Gift on Retirement for Men – Bookmark for Book Lovers

My Bookmark is a company which creates unique and original bookmarks which are perfect for new retirees who love to read books. There are plenty of different handmade designs to choose from.  Themes include: famous men collection, adventure collection, fantasy collection, fairyland collection and humour collection.

The bookmarks are very original and would make an irresistible gift for book lovers!  In addition, they cost under $40 so won’t break the budget and could be the perfect gift on retirement for men.

If you are interested in exploring this range of original bookmarks, click on the banner below.


from: MyBookmark

2. Indulgent Gift on Retirement for Men – Wine Subscription

California Wine Club is the perfect gift for any retiree who loves wine and is interested in discovering new wines.  In addition to regular deliveries of wine, your retiree will also become a member which gives them other benefits.  California Wine Club is not just a simple wine subscription!

As a member of the California Wine Club, your retiree will receive a beautiful guide to the vineyard.  They will also have access to a personal wine consultant and VIP access to small family wineries.  Other perks include a wine cellar online where they can track their favourite wines.

Wine Club Gifts For The Holidays

All of the wines are carefully selected to ensure your retiree will love them.  The owner only selects the wines they are proud to serve at their table.  By working with artisan wineries, California Wine Club can share charming and exclusive wines.

There are different types of subscriptions to choose from.  At under $45, this is a bargain.  You have the choice to buy the subscription as a gift and to arrange the number of shipments.  At the checkout, you will be able to create a gift card.

For more information about California Wine Club, click on the banner below.

3. Custom Engraved Gift on Retirement for Men – Bottle Stopper

The next idea is another perfect gift for wine lovers.  A custom engraved bottle stopper with a photograph is a useful retirement gift which can be personalized and will last forever.

In addition, the new retiree will remember you each time they use this gift.  Of course, a bottle stopper is more than a gift because it is extremely useful as well.

If your retiree is not a fan of wine, the same company offers a choice of other gifts like keychains and ornaments which can also be personalised making a unique and memorable gift on retirement for men.

Round Wine Bottle Stopper
Round Wine Bottle Stopper – $49

from: 3D Laser Gifts

4. Useful Gift on Retirement for Men – Waterproof Bag

If the new retiree is passionate about fishing, then a good alternative gift on retirement for men could be a waterproof dry bag.  It is a great idea to link retirement gifts to the retiree’s favourite hobby as it shows you have thought about the gift and tailored it to them.

The advantage of this waterproof dry bag is they are made to resist harsh conditions, with plenty of storage compartments and exterior pockets.  There is loads of room inside the bag to organise and conveniently store fishing equipment and personal items such as lures, pliers, wallet, phone, etc.

Watch this short video to see the bag in action.

The bag is also fitted with useful reflective stickers to keep you safe in the dark.  In addition, the bag is amazingly comfortable and can be worn in four different ways: as a handbag, crossbody backpack, chest bag or sling bag.

You have the choice of two different sizes of waterproof dry bag and with our link you will get 20% off which means both sizes are under $50!

Click here to get your 20% off!

Outdoor Tackle Bag For Fishing Hiking Camping Cycling

5. Practical Gift on Retirement for Men – Personalized Grill Set

This is a perfect retirement gift for BBQ lovers.  This set of crafted utensils is made from rust resistant stainless steel and includes the three essential BBQ tools: spatula, fork and tongs.

Personalized 5 in 1 Grill Tool Set - Natural Wood
Personalized 5 in 1 Grill Tool Set – Natural Wood – $20.99

from: A Gift Personalized

All the tools are protected in a high-quality bamboo case which is a great finishing touch for a retirement gift.  In addition, you can personalize your set by choosing adding laser engraving up to 15 characters in 6 design options.

For more information on this perfectly presented BBQ set, click here.

Celebrate Movember

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Best Gift on Retirement for Men Under $100

1. Unique Gift on Retirement for Men – Star Map Poster

At just above the $50 range, you will perhaps find the most original retirement gift in our list of suggestions. The unique star map poster is the perfect gift to remember an important event in someone’s life.

How Does the Star Map Poster Work?

First, choose your retiree’s location.  Then, choose the date you want to commemorate (eg. retirement date), and the software will create the star map of your chosen location for this date.  In addition, you can add personalised text and chose the colour and size of the map.

If you choose this original gift idea, your retiree will be the proud owner of a unique star map poster with personalised text to celebrate the date they retired.

2. Novelty Gift on Retirement for Men – Custom Bobbleheads

A personalised bobblehead is certainly the most fun and original gift on retirement for men in our selection.  There are endless possibilities of customisation and a lot of different designs to choose from.  If your retiree has a sense of humour and you are looking for a light-hearted gift, this may be the perfect choice of retirement gift for them.

NY Islanders Custom Bobbleheads

First choose your category.  There are plenty of categories to choose from, but a few examples include work, first responder, sports, military and superheroes.

Secondly, send the company a photograph of the retiree and they will create your bobblehead.

Each bobblehead is hand crafted and you can even create a custom head-to-toe bobblehead.  Bobbleheads are truly one of a kind retirement gifts which the new retiree will remember and treasure forever!

For more information and to get started on creating your original bobblehead, click on this link.

Custom Bobbleheads | Personalized Bobbleheads
Custom Bobbleheads | Personalized Bobbleheads

from: AllBobbleheads.com

3. Luxurious Gift on Retirement for Men – Personalized Decanter and Glass Set

An elegant and luxurious choice of gift on retirement for men is a whiskey decanter with 4 lowball glasses.  The decanter and glasses are made with heavy glass and the decanter has a capacity of 23 ounces. 

The added benefit of this set is that each glass can be personalized with monogram designs and a name.  To give this decanter gift set an elegant and personal touch, you have the choice of 6 different designs. 

Personalized Square Decanter Set with 2  Rocks Glasses
Personalized Square Decanter Set with 2 Rocks Glasses

from: A Gift Personalized

Most retirees would love this elegant gift and enjoy serving their guests with personalised glasses for years to come. 

For more information about this stylish decanter set, click here.


4. Helpful Gift on Retirement for Men – Personalized Travel Bag

This handy travel bag is the perfect choice of retirement gift for anyone who enjoys travelling or a short break away from home.  It is an elegant way of carrying personal care products and is beautifully crafted in the USA from high quality 20oz waxed cotton canvas.

Personalized Men's Field Tan Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
Personalized Men’s Field Tan Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag

from: A Gift Personalized

A great additional touch is that you can personalize the travel bag with three letters and in four different embossing options: gold, silver, rose gold or blind.  This extra touch adds a sense of thoughtfulness to your gift on retirement for men.

For more information about this elegant and personalized travel bag, click here.


5. Impressive Gift on Retirement for Men – 3D Crystal Diamond

We all love photographs because they capture a moment and help us remember it.  To take this to the next level, make sure the moment is perfectly captured with a 3D Crystal Diamond!

3D Laser Gifts Capture Moments in Crystal

If you are looking for a memorable and impressive gift on retirement for men, why not consider this unique gift?  The new retiree will see his photograph in 3D inside a beautiful crystal diamond.  This gift is 100% pure crystal and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

If you want to make your retirement gift extra special, you can opt for the LED base to illuminate the crystal at night.

For more information about this impressive lifelong gift, click here.

3D Crystal Diamond - Small
3D Crystal Diamond – Small

from: 3D Laser Gifts

6. Cool Gift on Retirement for Men – The BroBasket Gift Basket

It is customary to send flowers to women on their retirement, but most men would be less happy about receiving a floral display!  However, why not send the retiree a basket full of his favourite spirits instead?  This is sure to be a hit!

BroBasket gives you the choice of special retirement gifts for men.  You can choose to fill your basked with different types spirits.  Alternatively, choose retirement gift baskets filled to the brim with beer, snacks and other gear that the retiree will love!  You can’t go wrong with this choice of retirement gift.

For me, the Ultimate Whiskey is a must!  The retiree will receive 10 different types of whiskey with snacks and you can add a card with your special message to make it more personal.  If the retiree does not like whiskey, do not worry because the Brobasket has something to please everybody!

To browse more options to suit your retiree and to find out more information about this original idea, click here.

Get Men and amazing gift this time - scotch and cigars delivered to their door!

7. Military Themed Gift on Retirement for Men

If you are looking for the perfect retirement gift for someone who has been in the military, Luckyshot products could offer you the perfect solution.

For those who are a fan of military equipment, Luckyshot provides a wide range of gift sets based on military themes.  The idea came from the story of an American soldier who used a .50 caliber to make a bottle opener.  You can now buy bottle openers made from real .50 caliber from this company!

There are plenty of different gifts available which are perfect as retirement gifts and you can also personalize them with engraved messages. 


One of my favourites is the personalized pints and .50 caliber bottle opener.  This set comes with two 16 oz personalized pint glasses, one personalized .50 caliber bottle opener, two USA flag coasters and 3 oz peppered beef jerky which is perfect to go with beer!

For more information about these unique military-themed products, click here.

Best Gift on Retirement for Men Above $100

1. Best Retirement Gift for Men – Stylish Pizza Oven

In my opinion, the stylish Ooni pizza oven is my preferred retirement gift for men.  Men love fire and doing BBQs, but now they can also experience cooking authentic tasty pizzas in this portable wood pizza oven.

The key to success of a good pizza is the dough but more important than the dough is the oven!  A good pizza oven needs to cook the pizza very quickly.  My friend Pizzaiolo makes a pizza in 5 minutes (4 minutes to prepare the pizza and 1 minute to cook it!).

You can choose to have your pizza oven running on wood or gas.  This will depend on your personal choice.  However, wood is better for two reasons.  First, the pizza from wood ovens are more tasty and, secondly, you can easily use your wood pizza oven anywhere without the need for gas.

Learn more

With Ooni pizza ovens, you can choose whether to purchase a gas or wood fired portable pizza oven for your retiree.  Do not worry about the dough because there are also plenty of good recipes on the Ooni website for the retiree to explore and master at their leisure.  The oven will enable your retiree to cook authentic delicious pizza at home!

For more information about the range of stylish and effective Ooni pizza ovens, click here.

To see this pizza oven in action, watch this short video.

2. Relaxing Gift on Retirement for Men – Snailax Back Massager

To enjoy retirement life, retirees need to fill their days with rewarding activities.  However, as we age, this can create unavoidable aches and pains in the back or neck.

If you want to indulge the retiree (or yourself!) and treat them with a full neck and back massager with heat, check out this Snailax Back Massager.  In addition to relaxing the retiree and soothing any discomfort, this heated massager is portable and easy to use at home.

This neck and back massager is a premium retirement gift for men and is ideal for those retirees who want to relax after a busy day and ease their aches and pains.  For less than $300, it would be a shame not to gift this product as it will bring hours of pleasure and comfort to your retiree.

Home Massager | Relaxation & Wellness| Shiatsu Massage Cushion
Home Massager | Relaxation & Wellness| Shiatsu Massage Cushion

from: Snailax

For details about this therapeutic gift, click here.

For more information and to see the Snailax Back Massager in action, watch this short video.

3. Entertaining Gift on Retirement for Men – Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a great way of extending the pleasure of receiving a retirement gift for months or even a year!  If you have a budget of $100 or more, this is an original gift which is easy to set up.

There are plenty of different subscription boxes available in many categories.  You will certainly find a box to match the needs and likes of your retiree.  Depending on your choice of subscription box, your retiree will receive a new box each week, each month, or every 4 months.

Anything is possible with this great gift on retirement for men.  Some of the best boxes include:

Escape the Crate Subscription Box for Men

Escape the Crate
Escape the Crate

from: Cratejoy

This box is really fun for your retiree to enjoy with friends or family.  Basically, it is like the popular Escape Room concept but in the comfort of your retiree’s own home!  Your retiree will need to work as team to solve the riddles and conquer puzzles.  They will receive a box every 2 months, but it can be cancelled at any time.

For more information about this mind-stretching box, click here.

The Grill Master Club Very Good BBQ Box

Grill Masters Club
Grill Masters Club

from: Cratejoy

With this subscription box, your retiree will be on track to become a BBQ expert and amaze their friends with delicious grilled meats!

With this box, the retiree will receive four full size and taste tested Grill Master approved BBQ products each month like rubs, spices, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, and more.  All of the products come with a new recipe for your retiree to practice their new skills at home.

For more information about the Grill Master Club Box, click here.

Of course, there are plenty of other great subscription boxes available.  Take time to check out all the different boxes here so that you can find the ideal gift on retirement for men for your retiree!

4. Exclusive Retirement Gift for Men – The SomMailier Wine Subscription from France

With this choice of retirement gift, your retiree will become part of an exclusive club of French wine lovers.  They will receive three or six bottles of wine selected from handcrafted French vineyards.  All the wines selected are exclusive because you can’t find them in the US!

Now that your retiree has more time on their hands, they could also plan a trip in Bordeaux in France.  With this subscription, they will then be able to enjoy a VIP wine tour of the founder’s family vineyard during their vacation!

French Wine Club byThe Best Wine Club
French Wine Club byThe Best Wine Club

from: SomMailier

This subscription is easy to set up.  You just need to choose how many bottles you want your retiree to receive every three months and they can then enjoy the wine (and perhaps a trip to France)!

For more information about SomMailier subscriptions, click here.

Watch this short video to learn more about what is inside this subscription.

5. Most Desirable Gift on Retirement for Men – Electric Bike

Electric technology is here to stay and is now working very well.  A year ago, electric bikes were not very commonplace, but they are going to play an important part in the future and are widely available now.  Increasingly, more cities are also becoming bike friendly because this is part of the city’s future master development plan. 

Your retiree may have enjoyed traditional cycling when they were younger and still want to get out and about using pedal power.  However, those hills may be putting them off!   If your retiree is a fan of cycling and exercising outdoors, the perfect gift on retirement for men could be the next generation of Electric Bikes. 

These new electric bikes feature cutting edge technology and buying a well-known and respected brant will give 100% satisfaction.  C|net ranked this bike the best Electric Bike 2020.  In fact, Forbes commented that these bikes gave ‘faster speeds for the same amount of effort, real hill-flattening power and just a more fun and exciting riding experience’.

For more information about this selection of eco-friendly Electric Bikes at competitive prices, click here.

6. Rewarding Gift on Retirement for Men – Metal Detector

As men, we love to go exploring and our brains enjoy searching for things.  I think this is inside our genes from bygone days when men needed to search for food to take care of the family.  Of course, in modern times this is no longer true as we share household responsibilities. 

However, it is still true that many men enjoy getting outside and dream of finding a rare historical or valuable artefact.  If your retiree is this kind of a person, a metal detector may be their perfect choice of retirement gift.

There are a lot of different models of metal detector to choose from at many different price points.  The model you gift will depend on the metal detecting experience of the new retiree. 

Beginners will not be disappointed by the Fisher F22.  If you are looking for something in the mid-range, you could go for the Garrett Ace Apex metal detector.

For more options about this original choice of retirement gift, click here.

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