30 Unforgettable Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

by Sarah De Winne

Are you looking for unforgettable retirement gifts for coworkers?  Congratulations!  Our selection of the best retirement gifts for coworkers suits all budgets and includes ideas for both men and women.  Save valuable time trawling through online shopping websites and find that perfect retirement gift today!

Tips About How to Choose Great Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

Tip #1: Before you start browsing our comprehensive list of retirement gifts for coworkers, take a moment to think about who is receiving your gift. 

Use what you know about your coworker to choose the best gift for them.  Think about your coworker’s:

  • Personality.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Plans after retirement.
  • Hobbies and interests.

This knowledge will help you expertly match your choice of retirement gift to your coworker.  If you need more information, don’t be shy about asking family members.  Your inside knowledge will ensure that your retirement gift is a hit with your coworker!

Tip #2: Retirement gifts for coworkers can be fun or they can be something practical that will help the coworker enjoy retirement life.  Alternatively, retirement gifts for coworkers can be memorable keepsakes that your colleague will treasure for years to come.

Our Ultimate List of 30 Unforgettable Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

To help you find the best retirement gifts for coworkers, we have created a list of 30 unforgettable retirement gifts which will suit all budgets:

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Retirement Gifts for Coworkers Under $50

Even if you have a limited budget, we have found some of the best retirement gifts for coworkers under $50.  In addition to be being great value for money, these are memorable gifts which your retiring coworker will love!

1. Practical Personalized 2 in 1 Cooler Chair

Personalized Cooler Chair - Insulated - Sports Cooler - 2 in 1

This is a great retirement gift for a coworker who enjoys sporting activities or leisure activities in the outdoors like camping, hiking or fishing.

This practical gift combines a useful chair with an insulated cooler bag underneath!  It has plenty of room for chilling the coworker’s favourite drinks and snacks, plus extra pockets for their keys and other small essentials.

Included in the price of this great cooler chair is 1 line of personalised text with up to 7 characters in a choice of thread colours!

2. Unusual Glass Galileo Thermometer

Who doesn’t talk about the weather?  Of course, the weather is even more important when you retire as you have more time to enjoy it!  This unusual glass Galileo thermometer will help your coworker keep an eye on the temperature and will also make an attractive decoration in their home.

Your coworker will enjoy watching the 10 multi-colour spheres rising and descending every day to give them an accurate temperature reading.  This is a unique gift which is sure to be a talking point when people visit your retiring coworker’s home!

3. Inspiring Travel Book – National Geographic 50 States 5,000 Ideas

Now that your coworker has retired, they may have plans to explore and travel around the USA.  However, even if your coworker has no travel plans, this beautifully illustrated paperback book will inspire them with ideas about where to go, when to go, what to see and what to do in all 50 States.

4. Useful World Scratch Map

If your coworker has retirement plans to see more of the world beyond the USA, then this attractive world scratch map is a great choice of retirement git.  Your coworker can display this black and gold world map on their wall at home and scratch off new countries each time they visit.   In addition to mapping where they have been, your coworker can also plan future trips.

Included with this bundle is a large world map (17 x 24”) and a smaller separate map of the USA (11 x 17”)!  Your coworker will also receive a scratch tool, memory stickers and a magnifying strip.  This is a great gift to pair up with the travel book outlined above!

5. Novelty Retirement Mug

This novelty mug would make a great retirement gift for a coworker.  The mug is made from high quality ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe.  It also comes in a printed box to protect it and make it easier to wrap!

On both sides of the mug, there is a humorous printed message: Retired I worked my whole life for this mug.  This mug is sure to make your coworker laugh out loud, so don’t delay, order today!

6. Custom Engraved Wine Bottle Stopper

Round Wine Bottle Stopper

This custom engraved round bottle stopper is the perfect retirement gift for any coworker, but especially if they are wine lovers.

To personalise this retirement gift, you can either upload a photo of your organisation’s logo or a more personal photo which has meaning for the employee.  This crystal wine stopper is presented in a gift box ready to be wrapped!

7. Humorous Retired Apron

This apron would make a humorous retirement gift for any coworker, but especially if they were employed in first response or emergency services.  It is also a great retirement gift for a coworker who enjoys cooking or BBQs outdoors.

This apron is adjustable and is printed with a witty retirement sentiment: Call 911 I’m Retired.  You could easily pair this gift with the personalized BBQ grill set featured next!

8. Essential Personalized BBQ Grill Set

Personalized Grill Set - BBQ Set - Bamboo Case - 6 Designs

If your coworker loves to grill or BBQ outside, this is the perfect choice of retirement gift for them.  The bamboo case can be monogrammed from a choice of 6 designs to make it extra special for your coworker!

Inside the box, your coworker will find durable and rust resistant stainless-steel utensils.  The set includes a spatula, fork and tongs.  Happy days!

9. Artisan Happy Retirement Wine Glass

This hand-blown and hand-painted artisan wine glass is another perfect retirement gift for a coworker.  Each stemmed glass comes with a fun cocktail recipe under the base and is securely packaged in a special gift box to keep it safe.

This colourful wine glass is perfect for coworkers who enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail.  It’s practical and looks fabulous!  Let them toast their retirement in style!

10. Useful Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Personalized Large Handled Round Cutting Board with Juice Grooves

This practical personalized cutting board would suit a coworker who loves cooking and natural materials! 

This large board has a handle and useful grooves to catch the juices from meat or other food products.  You can choose from 10 designs to make this retirement gift for a coworker completely unique!

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Retirement Gifts for Coworkers Under $100

These retirement gifts for coworkers cost a little more, but still won’t break the bank!  If you are feeling generous, number 12 can be teamed up with the artisan glass featured in number 9 above!

11. Fun Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

Retirement often means more time to spend with family and friends.  Why not give your retiring coworker this fun instant camera to capture their retirement memories?  The beauty of this retro camera is that the photos print out immediately ‘old school style’!

The camera comes in a wide choice of colours and with a twin pack of film so your coworker can use it straight away!  It’s also a great item for guests to take instant snaps at a retirement party.

12. Stunning Rosewood Martini Gift Set Box

Personalized Rosewood Martini Gift Set Box

This elegant rosewood Martini gift set box houses all the essentials for your coworker to mix cocktails to celebrate their retirement!  Inside the beautiful box is a jigger, strainer, stainless steel shaker, tong and stirrer.

To make this retirement gift for coworker extra special, you can personalize the lid from a choice of 9 designs!  Why not pair this gift up with the artisan cocktail glass featured in number 9 above?

13. Scotch Sampler Gift Set

Retirement Gifts for Coworkers-Scotch-basket
Retirement Gifts for Coworkers-Scotch-basket

For retiring coworkers who want to toast their retirement, this Scotch sampler gift set is the perfect choice of retirement gift.  Included in this Brobasket is a range of quality snacks, an 11 oz tumbler, mixer and 6 bottles of blends.  Happy Retirement coworker!

If you are looking for a more original retirement message to write in your coworker’s retirement card, click here for our useful article with plenty of ideas!

14. Pampering Seashell Ocean Escape Spa Box

Pampering Seashell Ocean Escape Spa Box
Pampering Seashell Ocean Escape Spa Box

After all those years working, perhaps it is time to pamper your coworker?  This spa box is one of the more thoughtful retirement gifts for coworkers.  It is also a great choice if your coworker has plans to travel and spend more time on the beach or is relocating to a beach location.

This spa gift box includes a lotion, lip balm, bar soaps, foaming milk bath, bath sponge and loofah.  Your coworker will certainly be able to relax and enjoy these products in their early retirement days.

15. Elegant Golden Nugget Gift Box


This elegant gift box is full of sweet treats to celebrate your coworker’s retirement.  This gift box is beautifully presented, and the gold theme gives a touch of luxury. 

Included in the gift box are Capuccions sticks, chocolate fudge, hot chocolate, Belgian truffles, fruit candly, fine chocolates, wafer rolls, cookies and chocolate spread.  Your coworker is sure to enjoy this glittering treasure of sweet treats!

16. Compact Picnic Backpack Set

If your retiring coworker has grandchildren or has plans to enjoy the outdoors more in their retirement, then this is an excellent choice of retirement gift.  This clever backpack includes everything you need for a picnic for 4 plus a large, insulated food compartment.

Inside the backpack, there is a well-organized compartment with 4 sets of stainless-steel flatware, napkins, plates, plastic wine glasses and cutting board.  There is also a detachable waterproof pouch for ice or chilled drinks, plus a detachable bottle holder and picnic blanket!

Your coworker can just pick up this backpack, add food and drinks and head out to enjoy a picnic or BBQ on the beach, in the park, at a party or when camping.  This is a practical retirement gift for coworkers which looks good and is incredibly useful.

Retirement Gifts for Coworkers Under $200

This selection of retirement gifts for coworkers is ideal for those with a slightly larger budget, buying a corporate gift or spending a work collection.

17. Relaxing Shiatsu Back Kneading Massage Cushion

SNAILAX Shiatsu Back Kneading Massage Cushion - 256

If you want to pamper your coworker after their long working life, this deep kneading Shiatsu massage cushion with integrated heat and vibration will make the perfect retirement gift.

Of all the retirement gifts for coworkers, this is a therapeutic gift which shows you care.  The massage cushion will relax, relieve and comfort tense muscles and help the coworker de-stress after years of working.  Looking ahead, the massager can also help relieve pain.

This massager is highly portable and easy to use.  It straps onto most types of seating in the home and is made from luxury leather and smooth mesh.  This is a great gift to buy for a coworker whether you are purchasing as an individual or spending a work retirement collection.

18. Fabulous Kindle Reader Bundle

Now that your coworker is retiring, they will have more time to enjoy different hobbies.  This fabulous Kindle Reader bundle would make a thoughtful retirement gift for a coworker who enjoys reading.  You could even add an Amazon gift card so they can fill their Kindle library with their choice of reading material.

Kindles are also perfect for coworkers who enjoy travelling as traditional books can take up a lot of space and are heavy. 

This bundle includes the latest waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, an Amazon premium leather cover in a choice of colours and an Amazon Powerfast 9W power adapter.

19. Unique 2 in 1 Floating LED Light Bulb Lamp and Wireless Charger

The VGAzer magnetic floating wireless LED light bulb lamp is the perfect retirement gift for a coworker who loves tech and innovation.  This stylish lamp uses magnetism to levitate the light bulb and the base is a wireless charger for smart phones.

This original lamp would be a great addition to your coworker’s home office or any other room in their home.  Without doubt, it is a memorable gift which will be a great conversation piece when friends and family visit your retiring coworker!

20. Easy-to-Use Digital WiFi Picture Frame

This Dragon touch digital picture frame allows instant wireless sharing of photos and videos via the coworker’s WiFi network.  This thoughtful retirement gift will appeal to coworkers who love tech. 

It is also the perfect choice of retirement gift for a coworker who you don’t know too much about.  Most people love sharing and taking photos of family, friends and places they have visited, so this is a safe choice of retirement gift.

Photos and videos can be shared on the 10.1” touch screen display via a phone app or email.  The frame also supports an SD card and has a USB drive so photos can be exported and managed. 

This digital picture frame also has a useful auto-rotate feature which optimises portrait or landscape viewing.  It can also be wall mounted and has a 16GB memory which can store an amazing 40,000 photos!

21. Eye-Catching Neon Display Sign

Now that your coworker is retiring, they can relax and enjoy retirement life!  Why not choose this fun neon display sign as an unforgettable retirement gift? 

This vibrant neon sign features motifs of a sun, flip flops and a palm tree.  The message reads: Always Happy Hour. 

This is the perfect sign for your retiring coworker to hang in a games room, man cave or kitchen!  What better way to celebrate retirement?

22. Clever Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer and Tripod

This is a great choice of retirement gift for a coworker who has a smartphone.  Being retired means more time for travel and for special moments with family and friends.  This cool gimbal makes filming those moments easy and gives stable results.

In addition to the gimbal, the DJI OM4 comes with a tripod which is easily controlled using gestures.  The gimbal itself is highly portable and has a magnetic mechanism which makes it easy to mount and dismount the retiree’s smartphone.

Why not give your coworker a retirement gift which will give them hours of pleasure?

23. Smashing Golfer’s Delight Golf Gift Basket


If your retiring coworker is passionate about golf, then this is the perfect retirement gift for them.  This is a retirement gift that your coworker will really appreciate!  It will enhance their time on the golf course in their retirement years.

Inside the reusable create, your coworker will find useful golf accessories, quality snacks, cigars and a bottle of scotch.  This crate is packed with goodies which golfer coworkers will really want and enjoy!

24. Exclusive Wine Club Membership


This special gift from Sommailier comprises a shipment of 6 bottles of exclusive French wine every 3 months.  You can choose whether the retiring coworker receives a combination of red and white wine or just red or white wine.

As part of their membership, the retiree will receive information about the wines delivered, the winemakers, vineyards and grape varieties.  This is the perfect retirement gift for a coworker because they can relax and enjoy your selection of wine with their friends and family and toast their retirement!

25. Quality Zoom Binoculars

These great Nikon binoculars are another good choice of retirement gift for a coworker.  If your coworker enjoys the outdoors or is looking to start a new hobby, these binoculars would be perfect for getting close to nature. 

Nikon is a reputable brand, so these binoculars provide a high-quality image in all lighting conditions from dawn to dusk.  They are easy to focus and zoom and will deliver a good level of detail.

Retirement Gifts for Coworkers Over $200

These retirement gifts for coworkers are truly memorable gifts which your retiring coworker will remember and thank you for!

26. Stylish Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Another great retirement gift idea for a coworker is this stylish Ooni Fyra 12 wood pellet pizza oven.  It is an ideal choice if you are in charge of spending a work retirement collection or if you have a larger budget.

Now that your coworker is retiring, they are sure to enjoy more time outdoors.  So, why not encourage them to cook their own delicious wood fired pizzas?  They will be able to enjoy this gift for many years to come with their friends, family and grandchildren.

This pizza oven is extremely portable and heats up in 15 minutes.  It is fuelled by hardwood pellets and is easy to maintain.  It cooks pizzas rapidly which is perfect for feeding ravenous grandchildren and guests!

27. 3D Cathedral-Shaped Corporate Award


Of all the retirement gifts for coworkers, this stylish keepsake would let an employee know that their efforts at the organisation have been extremely appreciated.  If you are looking to purchase a corporate gift to honour a coworker, this would be an ideal choice.

This award can be created with the organisation’s logo in 3D and personalized with free text engraving.  It is also possible to add an LED light base to enhance the 3D engraving effect. 

This is an impressive retirement gift which any coworker would treasure for many years as a lasting memory of the organisation from which they retired.

28. Practical Electric Bike

Charge City Silver Standard Large Electric Bike

If you are buying a corporate gift for a retiring coworker, this electric bike would make an impressive and memorable retirement gift! 

An electric bike is the perfect choice of gift if the coworker enjoys the outdoors and wants to keep healthy in their retirement.  As we age, an electric bike takes some of the strain out of cycling, but still allows us to enjoy a hobby which is good for our mental wellbeing.

This Comfort electric bike is suitable for everyday use and is designed with posture in mind.  It has a range of 50 miles with pedal assist and thumb throttle up to 20 mph.  What’s more, the bike can be assembled in 10 minutes, so your retiring coworker can enjoy long, fun cycle rides straight away!

29. Unforgettable Metal Detector

Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector

Perhaps you want your retirement gift for coworker to inspire the retiree to start a new hobby and enjoy the outdoors?  This Garrett Ace Apex metal detector would make an unforgettable retirement gift!  However, there are plenty of other metal detectors to choose from at different price points.

Imagine!  Your coworker may find a rare historical or valuable artefact thanks to your choice of original gift!  This gift will also keep them fit and healthy and allow them to enjoy different landscapes near their home or further afield.

30. Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your retiring coworker loves music, streaming films or listening to podcasts, these Bose noise cancelling over ear wireless headphones may be the ideal retirement gift.  In addition to quality sound, these headphones have 11 levels of active noise cancelling to block out unwanted distractions at home or when travelling.

To answer their phone, all your coworker needs to do is to tape on the earcups!  These headphones look great and are comfortable to wear.  They will also last up to 20 hours on a single charge!

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