What to Write in a Retirement Card – Easy to Follow Guide with 55 Retirement Card Messages


Are you struggling for ideas about what to write in a retirement card for a co-worker, friend or family member?  Don’t worry because you are not alone.  It can be extremely challenging to find a unique message for retirees. What to Write in a Retirement Card Our easy-to-follow guide is full of helpful ideas about … Read more

Best List of 61 Memorable Retirement Quotes for Teachers and Poems for Retired Teachers


Retirement quotes for teachers are the best way of showing your thanks and appreciation when someone retires from this special job.  As a teacher, here are my top 3 favourite retirement quotes for teachers.  Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream of doing extraordinary things!  It’s your time to dream big now and … Read more

67 Best Retirement Quotes


Most people dream about going on retirement but to be retired is a difficult milestone. It is difficult to find the best retirement quotes. The quotes need to be personal and match the personality of the newly retired person. Also, you wouldn’t write the same retirement quote for your boss and your father. You have … Read more