An Informative Guide to What Retirees Do All Day


If you are wondering what retirees do all day, the top 3 most popular activities in retirement are: Travel and holidays Spending time with family Doing exercise and sport … Many people are curious about what retirees do all day.  This is hardly surprising as retired people suddenly find themselves with an enormous amount of … Read more

Jobs for Retired Teachers – 15 Rewarding & Interesting Ideas


The good news is that there are many jobs for retired Teachers once you decide to finish your classroom career.  Some of the best and most interesting jobs for retired Teachers include: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Education Officer (Museums and Other Top Attractions) Volunteer Worker for Girlguiding or the Scouts Youth Worker … Read more

Best List of Retirement Boredom Busters to Help You Have a Happy Retirement


Our essential list of retirement boredom busters will help you overcome the common feeling of boredom which can happen during your retirement life. As soon as you stop working and become part of the retirement community, you have plenty of different things to do.  This happiness in your new life does not always last long.  … Read more

Best Retirement Bucket List Ideas Organised by Useful Categories


In this post, you will find the top retirement bucket list ideas.  To help you, we have organised them into the following nine categories: Travellers Museum Enthusiasts Worldwide Events Adventure Self-Improvement Spirituality Social, Friends & Fun Volunteering Food and Drinks Category 1 – Travellers’ Retirement Bucket List Ideas 1 – Visit the Seven New Wonders … Read more

Best Retirement Hobbies for Women to Enjoy Retirement Life

Retirement Hobbies for Women

Good retirement hobbies for women will offer opportunities for personal expression and an appropriate level of challenge.  Your choice of retirement hobby needs to be defined by your energy and personality and provide you with adequate social contact. When retired, some women will want to try new things and go for the most challenging opportunities, … Read more

21 Amazing Retirement Hobbies for Couples – Perfect Activities to Do Together


Finding the best retirement hobbies for couples is not easy.  To have a happy retirement life you need to not get bored and find common activities together. Up until now, you had a busy life at work and you only spent time together during weekends and holidays.  Now you are together all the time and … Read more