Unique Retirement Gifts


Unique retirement gifts are hard to find and it takes time to hunt for that perfect retirement gift.  If you are searching for a unique retirement gift for a family member or a co-worker, then look no further! Our hand-picked list of unique retirement gifts will ensure that you select the perfect gift for your … Read more

83 Best Retirement Congratulations for Boss, Coworker, Dad, Wife and Friend


Retirement from work means a fresh start and a new chapter of life.  It is also a time when it is customary to send retirement congratulations to your boss, coworker, dad, wife, and friend.   Your choice of retirement congratulations can give support during this transitional phase of their life. Even though leaving the work environment … Read more

Retirement Messages to Help you Send the Best Congratulations


Retirement messages are an ideal way of showing your thanks and appreciation when somebody retires from their working life.  Here are my top 3 favourite retirement messages: You are hardworking, formidable, yet easy to talk to.  We will miss you greatly but wish you a very Happy Retirement! When you retire, you switch bosses – … Read more

60 of the Best Retirement Messages for Teachers


Retirement messages for Teachers will be the last words the retiree remembers from you and the school. You have probably worked with this person for many years and had good and bad times together.  The right retirement messages for Teachers will add a touch of emotion during any retirement farewell. It will be difficult for … Read more